How to Draw a Cartoon Puppy Dog in Easy Steps

How to Draw a Cartoon Puppy Dog in Easy Steps

Do you want to learn how to draw this adorable cartoon puppy dog? Here is an easy step cartooning tutorial for you and the kids.

How to Draw a Cartoon Puppy Dog with Simple Step by Step Drawing Lesson

Step 1

First, start off by drawing a circle for the head, circle for the body and an oval in between.

Step 2

Start drawing ovals for legs, ears, arms, nose, etc

Step 3

Then eraseĀ  the lines of the ovals that you don’t need, as pictured above.

Step 4

Now draw ovals for the eyes…and the insides of the eyes…round off the arms and legs as pictured above.

Step 5 – Finished Drawing of Cute Comic Puppies

Put shadows in, fill black in the eyes and put in finishing touches.

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